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September 1st, 2020
Republican National Convention Recap: RNC Offered a Optimistic View of America

• Over 4 nights, the Republican National Convention celebrated America – the land of promise, opportunity, heroes, and greatness.
• RNC offered such a stark contrast from the DNC – where it was clear Democrats believe we live in a deprived nation.
• During the RNC Convention, the American people heard real stories from our heartland – not Hollywood elites.
• In a Joe Biden Administration, we would return to the old, tired Washington way.
• The Biden-Harris ticket is the most extreme in our nation's history.
• Joe Biden Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders, and the Democrats would:
• Increase taxes by $4 trillion on hardworking Americans. 82% of Americans would see a tax increase under a Biden Administration.
• Defund, dismantle, and dissolve police departments.
• Reduce America's standing in the world with a foreign policy agenda that is weak on China.

Republicans Are Focused on Solving California's Problems

• This has truly been an unusual year, but the decisions we make today and the candidates we elect will either make things easier or harder for Californians.
• This past week, California's Employment Development Department has processed more than 10.6 million unemployment claims. Yet, Gavin Newsom's EDD department is still taking up to 6 weeks to get a call back - many Californians have been waiting months for their first unemployment check.
• In the midst of this pandemic, Republicans are focused on ensuring for the health of every Californian. But as we come out of this crisis, our goal is to jumpstart the economy.
• Republicans can't allow Democrats to use this crisis as an opportunity to impose new and additional taxes, mandates and regulations or more of their leftist politics.

A Referendum on the Democrats and Gov. Newsom

• November's Election is a referendum on Democrats and Gov. Newsom.
• California needs Republicans who will make smart investments for our future - no more $3 million dog parks or $500,00 garden sculptures.
• Gov. Newsom has failed to understand the many challenges facing Californians, like the skyrocketing cost of living, the crumbling infrastructure, rising crime and homelessness.
• Skyrocketing housing costs, rising energy costs, high gas prices and the worst-in-the-nation commute times are driving families apart.
• Too many Californians have left our state for better opportunities in other states.
• More than 150,000 Californians sleep in shelters, cars or on the streets.
• The needs of working families and those in poverty need to be front and center.
• California Democrats' ever-increasing taxes and fees have created an increased income gap, a rapidly growing homeless population, and an unaffordable California, where 16 million people live in deep financial distress and a third are enrolled in Medi-Cal, the state's health-care program for the poor.

Newsom Failures*

• We're going to make sure that this November's Election is a referendum on the Democrats and their failing Governor Gavin Newsom. It's a midterm election for Newsom, and we intend to pick up seats.
• Newsom and the Democrats cannot keep the lights on, track COVID 19 cases, pay unemployment claims, get public education on track or support our economy.
• The Democrats' great California progressive experiment has failed. We're the capital of poverty, homelessness, blackouts, and a failed response to COVID and the resulting economic crisis. Our kids aren't learning because the teacher's union is calling the shots. Our people aren't working because the Democrats simply cannot manage these challenges.
• With great fanfare, Newsom announced his economic task force to navigate the state's economic recovery.
• Where are the results Gavin Newsom promised? California's struggling families and small businesses need answers.
o Newsom Releases Violent Felons
§ By the end of summer, Gavin Newsom will have released over 18,000 convicted criminals back into our neighborhoods.
§ Instead of working for the safety of California families, Newsom's Corrections Department issued an apology ( ) to inmates for the 'significant burden' they've endured due to COVID
§ Families are already struggling with finding work, feeding their families and navigating this pandemic – they shouldn't have to worry about thousands of new violent criminals in our communities
§ Newsom's actions are not only reckless; they put lives at risk.
o Newsom Shirks Responsibility – Again
§ Newsom's top California health official resigned amid significant problems with California's coronavirus test reporting system.
§ Instead of taking responsibility, Newsom threw his own staff under the bus and let her 'resign.'
§ How can we rely on science and data if those responsible can't even get the system, right?
§ Our leaders' priority must be accurate data that will lead us back to safely re-opening our state, including the struggling businesses we rely on and the schools our children need.

Kamala Harris

• Kamala Harris was largely absent and failed to lead in her time as Attorney General, District Attorney of San Francisco, and US Senator. When faced with the ability to put public safety first – and stand up against the initiatives that many argue have led to our out of control homelessness crisis and other severe issues facing our state, she stayed silent.
• No position on Prop 47 or Prop 57 when she was Attorney General – two key initiatives impacting law enforcement in our state
• These two initiatives, some reduced drug and property crimes from felonies to misdemeanors, and gave more parole chances for some felons.
• Now, you can walk into a store and shoplift up to $950 worth of goods and get a slap on the wrist!
• In 2019, she missed 40% of the votes in the US Senate.
o Kamala Harris has been a lifelong California politician and no one in this country wants our nation to become San Francisco or California. Her policies and legacy can be seen through our state and the formerly beautiful San Francisco.
§ Kamala Harris served as San Francisco District Attorney from 2004 to 2011. During those years, the murder rate in San Francisco jumped from 9 homicides per 100,000 to 13.5 per 100,000, more than twice the statewide murder rate and 2 1/2 times the national rate.
§ As Attorney General in 2015, her office issued an opinion against the requirements that paroled sex offenders live 2,000 feet away from a school or park – citing the sex offender's "constitutional rights"
§ In 2004, Harris chose not to seek the death penalty against a gang member who killed a San Francisco police officer, going against the wishes of the officer's wife.
• But she does take positions that hurt California's hard-working families – Harris has voiced support for a national AB 5, the new California law which takes away the flexibility and kills independent contractor jobs, with her spokesperson quoted as saying the federal law should go even farther than the California law.
o Kamala Harris scored as the most liberal US Senator in 2019 according to a GovTrack analysis – scoring more liberal than Senator Sanders (ranked 2nd), Senator Gillibrand (3rd).
§ The analysis also showed in 2019, Harris joined bipartisan legislation "the least often compared to Senate Democrats."
o Kamala Harris is now the de-facto presidential nominee for the Democrat Party, and the radical Biden-Harris agenda is way out of touch with the mainstream of America.
o Harris supports extreme policies including:
o Eliminating private health insurance
o The $93 trillion Green New Deal
o A massive tax hike on hard-working Americans.
o Harris has compared law enforcement officials to the KKK.
o Harris attacked Biden for contributing to mass incarceration, being a racist, and working with segregationists.
o When mentioned to be a potential VP pick, her team called the talk sexist, infuriating, and demeaning.
o Voters think Harris is "fake," "phony," and "built a political career by over prosecuting black kids."
o Make no mistake, the left-wing mob is in total control of Biden's candidacy, and this is the most extreme ticket in history.
o RNC Research: Far-Left Radical Kamala Harris Gives Democrats The Most Extreme Ticket In History

Less than 70 Days Until the November Election*

• The November 2020 Election is just 63 days from today
• While Governor Newsom's name will not be on the ballot, we must elect Republican legislators throughout the state who will stop his power grab and bring balance back to Sacramento
• California Republicans have recognized our challenges and spent the last two years building an infrastructure to help great candidates win. We've raised money, professionalized the operation, and will be disciplined and focused. The Democrats want to distract and blame. Their entire strategy is based on begging for more money from Washington DC and raising taxes on hard-working Californians.
• Governor Newsom's policies have failed our state. Our small businesses are struggling, our students will suffer under school closures, and our state deserves better.
• Visit to view our endorsed candidates who will help solve the problems created by Governor Newsom and the Democrats

CAGOP Virtual Success*

• This cycle, we are proud that we have conducted over 2,900 virtual trainings with almost 16,000 grassroots supporters.
• Recruited more than 37,000 new volunteers.
• Made over 5.4 million voter contacts.
• Registered over 300,000 new GOP voters.
• Welcomed over 16,500 new donors.
• Increased online fundraising 1000%

November Election/March Primary

• Heading into November, we are feeling optimistic after the successes in the May Special Elections and March Primary.
• In March, Republican candidates did very well despite the heightened Democrat interest around their Presidential primary.
• We have some great candidates on the General Election ballot that reflect the strength and diversity of our state. These candidates include Michelle Park Steel (CA 48), Young Kim (CA 39), Suzette Valladares (AD 38), David Valadao (CD 21), and Rosilicie Ochoa Bogh (SD 23), among others. And of course, we need to get Congressman Mike Garcia re-elected to the 25th District.
• Republicans have gained at least one Assembly seat and are poised for more victories in November. We are also in a strong position to take back Congressional seats that were lost to the Democrats in 2018 – and help make Kevin McCarthy Speaker of the House.
• We are incredibly pleased with the results in our targeted races and firmly believe the CA GOP Comeback is in full swing.
• Republicans are strategic and creative – and that will help us forge the path to victory in November with innovative ideas as we all practice 'social distancing.'
• We believe we can fight the good fight for our candidates and elect them to office throughout the state.
• Voters are looking for common-sense solutions to the failing Democrat policies that plagued our state and led to an unprecedented homelessness epidemic, skyrocketing cost of living and failing schools.
• California Republicans are answering the call and will provide the new leadership that our state desperately needs.

Special Election Wins

• This was a historic night for California Republicans. Republicans have not flipped a House seat in California since 1998. And we held SD 28 with a double-digit lead (vs. 3% when Stone won the seat).
• We want to put the Democrats on notice - because of our leadership and their failures, the California Republican Comeback has the momentum going into November.

*Notes new and/or updated content. Some content provided by the RNC.

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