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The Monterey County Republican Party is an essential part of the civic fabric of our community. We have principles that are critical for our society to work. About MCRP | Core Principles (Monterey County Republican Party) (

The key to winning is to Believe!

I ask you, please: Believe we can change the discussion, grow the Party, and win elections. Here are the key metrics:

1. Register Republican Voters.

The Party has grown in Monterey County. The Biden Administration's failures (Afghanistan, the Border, etc) the scandals (Biden crime family) and the attack on our children have given us a golden opportunity to reach new voters.

2. Recruit great candidates.

3. Organize and support campaigns to influence all voters.

We have the right principles. We have successful business people, including highly professional lawyers, doctors, accountants, engineers, and more. We have wealthy donors who can afford to support these campaigns. What we need is to BELIEVE.

Please join us, get involved in your neighborhood Republican Club. If you don't like the Club in your area, explore neighboring Clubs, or better yet, start a Republican Club that focuses on your interests!

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