District 5 Central Committee Candidates

Voters will be asked to vote for no more than 8



Immediate past chairman

  • Stanford University MSEE
  • US Navy Submarine Force – Nuclear submarines
  • Harvard University – MBA
  • Part owner and operator of Bay Cities Auto Auction – one of the largest wholesale auto auctions in the country
  • Owner and CEO of PLP Digital Systems – software and hardware for large format printing, scanning, and document management.
  • And more…

I have been on the MCRP Central Committee for almost 10 years and been on the Executive Committee for over 6 years.  I have served as Treasurer, Secretary, and Chairman of the Monterey County Republican Party. I am again running for the Central Committee because  I think that the Republican Party is on the rise and remaining so is critical for our county and our state. We need new leadership to counter the absolutely abysmal record that exists at every level of the government in this state. I think that my experience will be useful to the Central Committee as we go forward.


Clinical Psychologist

Martha Carswell is a lifelong resident of the Monterey Peninsula. She and her husband have raised four children and have two grandchildren. She wishes to remain local and believes the only way to save our communities, our State, and our Country is to elect Republicans. She has been an active volunteer on the central committee for 4 years and believes in conservative values. Please elect Martha and continue the fight for lower taxes, secure borders, safe neighborhoods, & fully funded law enforcement agencies.


Retired Painting Contractor


Piano Teacher

When I decided that being on social media didn’t help elect Republicans in my city, that’s when I started volunteering at the Republican office.  I’ve been engaging with many people to see that they have conservative values.  I currently serve on the Central Committee and as Secretary.  I have been a delegate to our state conventions.

I’ve raised my family here and also been very involved in our community.  I have taught many children and adults to play the piano, and enjoy the gift of music for over 30 years.  I have been a gymnastics coach for over 35 years, and have retired.  I’m involved in my church and my local grange on our area.  

My goals for the next few years:  Actively work with Young Republicans and also recruit young adults to be involved in MCRP.  Begin to implement a precinct project and recruit neighborhood leaders to facilitate neighborhoods have a voice in their town.  Work on expanding our Biblical Citizenship to the faith community in Monterey County.  Continue to register Republicans in Monterey County and elect Republicans.


AG Business Owner



I am a mother of 3 great kids and 4 grands, and,   also from a family of 9 children, from original parents! As a 30 year small business owner/Cosmotologist I have a gift of communication and problem solving.  I dig deep on real issues. I felt compelled to run for a position on the Central Committee to help us regular citizens that have been frustrated by the “Politicians” ignoring the voices of their constituents.  It starts local.  Honest, truthful, communication is my gift that I can bring to this committee.  I will try to expand our local Republican party by encouraging involvement and working on common goals for the betterment of our community.  I hope to get the opportunity to serve.


Small Business Owner

Our founders attributed our unalienable rights to the Creator, not earthly beings.  America is a symbol of freedom and We The People must pursue a More Perfect Union.  I believe the Creator wishes us to be self-reliant, keep to just laws, and to be charitable.  However, the rights of civil government are funded by taxes, not charity.  We must have limited government, focused on its core mission.  Anything more is corruption, taking away from the Creator's intentions.

Self-reliance is typically a strength for Republicans.  However, that same self-reliance has led many to avoid participating in the Republican Party process.  If you are reading this, thank you!  You are on the right track.  WE CAN AND WE MUST HANDLE THE TRUTH.

With your participation, the Republican Party of Monterey County can make huge strides.  Past frustrations with ‘party politics’ must be forgiven.  There is no other alternative to the Democrat Party Machine.  We must work together to elect Republicans.  We have seen what the Democrat Party Machine has in store for us if we do not.  It will not get better.

By serving as Chair currently, as well as my two runs for Congress in 2020 and 2022 challenging the sitting member, I have put my time, money and in short, my whole life on the line for the views I express above.  I pray the Lord protects us from the corruption we see all around: on our streets, in the halls of government, and within our own hearts.


Retired Operations Officer


Mom/Business Owner



An educated and engaging individual, I have a special desire to serve God, our great constitutional republic of federated states, and the Republican party, using skills in research, teaching, fundraising, volunteer organization, and communications to elevate Republican candidates. Most importantly, I want to assist candidates in being elected into public office, and to help project a strong, enthusiastic, positive, and unified voice of the Monterey County Republican party and its Central Committee.  

Throughout California, and notably locally in District 5, Republicans have little to no representation even at the city level. I want to see that change, and I believe that my participation on the Central Committee can make a positive difference.

I have owned and operated a Sylvan Learning Center and a bookkeeping consultancy, led a 100-person volunteer staff as well as the concierge department of the Monterey Plaza Hotel, taught English in Paris and Monterey, and conducted research on medical conditions and for executive search in the plastics industry. I have lived on the Peninsula for 35 years and am significantly involved in fellowship and spiritual growth for the Church. In my current employment as a grocery clerk, I am privileged to meet and converse daily with our diverse community.

* Master’s of Business – University of Denver
* Master of Arts Certification in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (T.E.S.O.L.) – Monterey (Middlebury) Institute of International Studies
* Bachelor of Arts in Russian Area Studies and French (University of Denver); Certificates in graphic arts and several business applications.


Retail Boutique Owner


Business Owner



My highest priority, should I become a new member of the M.C. Republican Central Committee, will be to recruit a more diverse party leadership and candidates. This should begin, as I have done, by urging all future members of the M.C. Republican Central Committee to select a younger alternate.  We need new faces, fresh ideas and tireless energy.  We need to win elections! 


Certified Massage Therapist


Retired Cost Analyst

If elected to the Central Committee, I will work to elect Republicans to office. That is the primary goal.  Personally, I support the most conservative person in the race that can be elected.

During the past two years, I have been a member of the Central Committee and Treasurer on the Executive Committee, as well as voter data manager, website administrator, and delegate to California Party Conventions.

I want the Central Committee to be more involved in party affairs.  The Bylaws currently call for Central Committee meetings every three months, which is not frequent enough.  I want to arm our volunteers with the data they need to interact with voters, and I have built some tools to do this.  We need to find more volunteers and funding and we will need to heal schisms in the party to improve both.  Financially, we are surviving, but we need more funding to be effective.

I spent twenty years in the semiconductor industry, mostly at Intel, in a variety of engineering and managerial positions. I then started my own company, supported other startups on the Monterey peninsula, and finished my career as a DoD Financial Manager.  Since retiring, I have volunteered at the Convention of States Project as an advocate and data analyst.  I and my two sons have lived on the Peninsula for twenty-five years. I have an engineering degree from Yale and an MBA from Harvard. I am a Vietnam-era Navy veteran.