District 2 Central Committee Candidates

Voters will be asked to vote for no more than 4



You are the most important person in this election! Your voice is the driving force behind shaping the future of our Central Committee. By casting your vote for me, you are choosing a leader who will continue to champion your interests and prioritize the issues that matter most to you!
Together, we can shape a government that mirrors our shared core principles. Our elected representatives must align with our values, not the other way around. We are the governed and it is only by our consent that public policy is made. The impact of public policy echoes through every aspect of our lives—determining our tax burdens, influencing our take-home pay, and either increasing or decreasing our opportunities to work and create financial prosperity.
If re-elected, I will continue to serve you in several ways as a Republican Central Committee member. I have donated hundreds of hours to help elect Republican candidates; sought out and supported candidates and ideas that mirror our core beliefs; and taught scores of voters how to understand local measures and statewide propositions. I am currently the Election Integrity Officer for CAGOP, and my District Leader. I am a veteran homeschool mom with 35 years experience, and small business owner.
In the upcoming pivotal election, my mission is to empower you by drawing clear connections between candidates, their policies, and the real-life effects on District 2 residents. We want limited government, Constitutional law, equal justice for all, and safeguard from government overreach.



I’m looking forward to being re-elected to district 2 of the Monterey County Republican Party Central Committee.  I have been a member of the MCRP Central Committee since 2013 when I was the president of the Monterey Peninsula Republican Women Federated.  Being on the Central Committee has been a blessing to me as I have been able to help Republicans as they run for office locally, get people registered to vote and help myself and others make connections with Republicans in the Monterey County and elsewhere across our state and nation.  

I truly love participating in the events that the MCRP does as they have great speakers that draw many local Republicans.  Not only do the people enjoy the speakers but they meet other conservatives that they can relate to.  It’s wonderful to bring like minded people together, grow and strengthen our Monterey County Republican Party.
I am a Christian, a Wife, Mother and Grandmother.  My husband and I built a home in Prunedale and moved in some thirty years ago while we were owners of a small business and are retired now.
My hope is to continue working on the MCRP Central Committee to help when and where I can.


Manager/Wellness Coach

My main goal for the next 4 years is to reinforce a solid outreach program.  For example, I've offered to run a Wednesday evening "Pizza and Phones" volunteer opportunity--from 6-9 pm make phone calls to existing Republicans and 1) thank them for being Republican, 2) identify their primary concerns, 3) invite them to come volunteer, 4) ask for their recurring financial support, if possible on a monthly basis.  We gotta keep the lights on...

My secondary goal is to have the MCGOP be a clearinghouse for information and a springboard for action.  There are lots of good people acting on an individual basis--to get the individuals in touch with each other and help coordinate efforts requires a group of dedicated volunteers to track issues/legislation/news events and to prioritize outreach and voicing of opinions (phone calls, letters to editors, etc.).  An old-fashioned telephone tree, if you will.

My third goal is to re-iterate and reinforce the Monterey County Republican Party principles, as stated on our website.  Both registered Republicans and potential Republicans need to understand our values and compare how their values align with ours.  I've met a lot of people who are registered Democrat because "Democrats are virtuous people for the poor and Republicans are greedy rich people" but upon consideration of their values (family, religion, children, community, small business) vs Democrat party values (regulation, abortion rights, destruction of family, division by race/gender/economic class), they think, "gee...maybe I am a Republican."  We need to reverse the false stigma.


Retired Clerk


Retired Security Agent