District 1 Central Committee Candidates

Voters will be asked to vote for no more than 2


Retired Teacher



Commercial Truck Driver

I’m a life long resident of Monterey County, and running for the Monterey Republican Central Committee District 1. 

I still reside in the Hoskins’s family home in the heart of Alisal that my grandparents purchased in 1960. 

I’m a single dad of one son, Dylan, who is a student at Washington Middle School. 

I’m a local commercial truck driver and a member of the California Rodeo Association for more than ten years. 

My son and I participate every year in placement of flags at Garden of Heaven cemetery for Veterans and Memorial Day. 

I grew up in a family that was involved in this community. My grandfather, Paul Cushman, was a great example. Serving as National Regional President of the Pop Warner Football league in the 70’s to being a trustee for more than ten years serving on the Alisal Unifed School District. But the one I’m the proudest of, my grandpa being the first non-Hispanic to be named LULAC Man of the Year.

My grandmother, Catalina Quintero Cushman was part of the first bilingual classroom aides that taught migrant children how to read and speak English at Sherwood School. 

It’s with these same values that I have chosen that it’s my time to make a difference, not just for us but for the generations in the future. 

I am ready to breathe new life, recruit, and educate our voters on the impact that we can make by voting. 

So please vote for me for Central Committee District 1. 




As a fifth-generation California (1848), I am concerned with the current direction of our State, and of Salinas.  District 1 encompasses most of the City of Salinas -- a wonderful place, with a beautiful climate and friendly citizens.  It has the potential to be an All-American city, but the current city and county governments are completely unbalanced in favor of a Democratic majority, with observable results.   Taxes and local regulations are excessive.  Many roads are in poor condition.  Salinas at one time had a thriving light manufacturing sector, but now it is either struggling or has relocated to other States.

All statewide offices are held by Democrats, as well as the Assembly and Senate in Sacramento (super-majorities in both).  This is also true for our Board of Supervisors and local governments.  Our system of government works best with checks and balances, not with supermajorities.  Governor Newsom signed over 56 housing legislation bills in the last twelve months.  How can local governments possibly keep up with this ‘legislative spaghetti’?   Decisions about the future of Salinas should be made here, not in Sacramento.

Members of the Central Committee are volunteers, helping Republican candidates get elected, and caring for community issues.  My background includes 46 years of Church service, 25 years as a businessman, 10 years as an overseas missionary in Africa, and studying abroad.   Our country, and Salinas’ agricultural prowess, are second to none.    I would like to see them both become much stronger.