August 24, 2020

Dear American citizen;

The Monterey County Republican Party is devoted to ensuring that all Republicans get to vote and that their votes are counted accurately.

From what we can determine, Claudio Velanzuela, the Registrar of Voters, and the staff have taken reasonable measures to ensure only registered, ACTIVE, voters in this country will get ballots. Regardless of the intent, we believe in Murphy's law – all that can go wrong will go wrong, so attention is required. Other counties and other states have their own issues that are beyond our ability to influence. Voter fraud can be a major issue.

We cannot stop the mail-in voting dictate but we will try to provide guidelines that will help ensure that your vote and that of all Republicans are valid and counted.

  1. The key is to make sure that you get a ballot. You must verify that the affiliation, your address, and other data are accurate, according to the state.

    1. Access and check out your data. You will need your California driver's license number along with data that is well known to you.

    2. In particular, verify that your address is correct so that the ballot comes to you.

    3. Make corrections or contact the state as indicated on the website.

  2. Research the candidates and the issues. Our website will provide some information and links to the state and to the federal websites are available. We also encourage you to check out to get a better understanding of the system.

  3. Ballots are slated to be mailed October 3, 2020

  4. VOTE – ensure your follow instructions including how to fill out the ballot and signing the envelope.
    There are two schools of thought for when to vote. One, vote soon after getting your ballot and either deposit the ballot into the mail, take it to one of the designated drop-off sites, or take it to the Registrar of Voters building in Salinas. Mailed ballots will be date stamped and must be stamped on or before election day to be counted. The other option is fill in your ballot and take it to your designated polling station on election day and place it personally into the designated sealed ballot box. These methods avoid the possible bad things that can happen due to postal delivery or handling by unscrupulous intermediaries.

WARNING – if you go to your polling place and do not have your mail-in ballot, be prepared for an administrative horror show as they try to verify that your ballot has not been voted.

5. Once you have  voted you can check to ensure that your ballot was received and counted.

You can do more by volunteering with the group dedicated to maintaining ELECTION INTEGRITY    They need volunteers to monitor both the polls and vote processing. If you apply, you will be vetted and you will be contacted, if accepted, you will be asked to take one of many web-based training sessions. An honest election can only be guaranteed by citizens dedicated to the making sure that all the rules are followed, regardless of the political party in power. If you have any questions regarding this group, please contact DAWN JONES (831-809-7285;

This above all else, if you have any questions call Republican Headquarters (831-324-0617). We will assist in every way possible. If you have friends who are not comfortable with computers or cannot get out to cast their vote, call us and we will send someone over to assist that person to ensure that the forms are filled out and that the ballot gets submitted to be counted properly.

There are over 40,000 registered Republicans in Monterey County and we want them all to vote and be counted. WE NEED FUNDS TO DO THIS. We want to convince those voters who are registered as Decline to State that the Republican Party and its candidates best reflect their values and deserve their vote. WE NEED FUNDS TO DO THAT ALSO.

Please consider making a donation either by check to Monterey County Republican Party 484 B Washington St #347 Monterey CA 93940 or on our website We are almost 100% volunteers and receive no funds from any state or federal organization. Our office is now open 10-2 and maybe longer as we get closer to the election. We are swamped by folks like you who want to see Newsom recalled and who are concerned by the existential threat to our Republic that is highlighted by the lawlessness in our streets and the meanness of those holding office in our state and in Washington DC.

We have some wonderful candidates running for office. Please take the time and effort to learn who they are and if possible, support them.



Respectfully yours,

Michael Addison