The Monterey County Republican Party fully supports the First Amendment which includes the freedom to assemble and the freedom of speech. That support is total until such time that the exercise impinges on the freedom of others. The image of the protesters in San Jose stopping traffic on highway 101 and smashing cars is offensive and not to be tolerated in this county, state, or nation.

We believe all lives matter. Any bastardization of this concept is contrary to our founding principles and any support of this distortion should be treated with contempt.

We support law and order. We support the Monterey County Sheriff, his deputies, the police throughout the county, and the firefighters who protect our homes and countryside. We do NOT support any person who advocates defunding these entities or interfering with their ability to do their jobs. If that person is elected, that person needs to be UNELECTED.

Abuse of power, whether by the police, elected officials, or bureaucrats, is an abiding danger and cannot be tolerated. We the people must be diligent in protecting our freedoms from abuse by anyone.