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Check out any book and keep for a month (more if need an extension just call the office). If you have a book that supports our Republican principles and want to make it available, just bring it in!

First Name Last Name Title
(Updated May 2022)
Nick Adams The American Boomerang
Nick Adams Retaking America
Lamar Alexander We Know What To Do
Young America Declararation of Independance & U.S. Constitution
John Ashcroft Never Again
Glen Beck Arguing with Idiots
Glen Beck Coverups
Glen Beck The Original Argument
Glen Beck Broke
Glen Beck Common Sense
Paul Allen Beck Party Politics in America
Michael Bender Frankly We did win this Election
Paul Boller Presidential Anedotes
John Bowle Politics and Opinion in the 19th Century
Tom Brokaw The Greatest Generation
Kale Anerson Brower The Residency
Christoper Buckley Losing Mum & Pup
Mathew Burden The Blog of War
Barbara Bush Reflections
George W. Bush A Charge to Keep
Laura Bush Spoken From the Heart
Tucker Carlson Politicians, Politics and Parasites
Ben Carson A More Perfect Union
Zev Chafets Roger Ailes Off Camera
Dick/Liz Cheney Exceptional
none Christian Sel Gov't The Christian History od the Constitution of the USA
A. Coneta High Crimes and Dismeanors
Mathew Contineth The Persecution of Sarah Palin
Blanche Cook Eleanor Roosevelt
Patricia Cornwell The Last Precinct
Ann Coulter Guilty
Ann Coulter If Democrats Had Brains They Would Be Republicans
Ann Coulter How to Talk To a Liberal
Ann Coulter Treason
Ted Cruz A Time for Truth
Thomas Del Beccaro The Divided Era
Thomas Del Beccaro The New Conservative Paradign
Jim Demint Saving Freedom
Elizabeth Dole Hearts Touched with Fire
Dinesh D'Souza The Roots of Obama's Rage
Judd Dunning 13 1/2 Reasons Why Not to be a Liberal
Maj Eric Egland The Troops Need you, America
Ronald Fry Hammerhead Six
National Geographic Star Spangled Banner
Newt Gingrich Breakout
Newt Gingrich Real Change
Bernard Goldberg 100 People Who Are Screwing Up America
Doris Goodwin The Bully Pulpit
Katharine Graham Katharine Graham's Washington
Verna Hall The Christian History of the U.S.
Taylor Hartman The People Code
Steven Hayward The Age of Reagan
Henderson The Joy of Freedom
Brown Howard The Killing of Uncle Sam
David Hrowitz Blitz
Mike Huckabee Do The Right Thing
Arianna Huffington On Becoming Fearless
Karen Hughes Ten Minutes From Normal
Darrell Issa Watchdog
Lance Izumi Oboma's Education Takeover
Gregg Jarrett The Russian Hoax
Gregg Jarrett The Russion Hoax
John Kasich Stand For Something
Dennis Keegan Reality Check
Dennis Keegan Reality Check
Barbara Kellerman Women and Leadership
Megyn Kelly Settle for More
P. Kengor The Communist
Kevin Kiley Recall Newsom
Edward Klein The Amateur
Edward Klein The Truth About Hillary
Edward Klein Guilty As Sin
Harold Laski The American Presidency
Mark Levin Unfreedom of the Press
Peter Lillback George Washington's Sacred Fire
David Limbaugh Crimes Against Liberty
Sheriff Mack County Sheriff, America's Last Hope
Michelle Malkin Culture of Corruption
Andrew Marr The Real Elizabeth
John McCain Faith of My Fathers
Dick Morris Because He Would
Dick Morris Catastrophe
Roger Murphy The Politically Correct Guide
A Student's Dictonary
Nugent Red, White and Blue
Barbara Olson The Final Days
Tip O'Neil All Politics Are Local
Bill O'Reilly Killing Kennedy
Bill O'Reilly Who's Looking Our for You
Bill O'Reilly Cultural Warriors
Bill O'Reilly The Day The President Was Shot
Bill O'Reilly Killing Reagan
Bill O'Reilly The No Spin Zone
K. Honston P. Fava Al Gore
Sarah Palin Going Rogue
George Papadopoulos Deep State Target
Jordan Peterson Beyond Order
Sally Pipes The Pipes Plan
Mickael Ramsey Give me liberty or give e Obamacare
Donnie Ratcliffe Simply Barbara Bush
Ron Reagan My Father at 100
Kellerman Rhode Women and Leadership
James Rogan Rough Edges
Mitt Romney No Apology
Karl Rove Courage and Consequences
Karl Rove Truth and Consequences
Jim Ryun America Strong
Mark Salter Why Courage Matters
L.K. Samuels Facets of Liberty
Michael Savage The Savage Nation
Adam/Rob Schrager/Witwer The Blue Print
Peter Schweizer Clinton Cash
Peter Schweizer Profiles in Corruption
Margaret Sedeen Star Spangled Banner by National Geographic
W. Cleon Skousan The 5000 Year Leap
John Philip Souza Ben Carson Rx for America
Thomas Sowell The Housing Boom
Mathew Spalding We Still Hold These Truths
Michael Steele Right Now
Marc Thiessen Courting Disaster
Ivanka Trump The Trump Card
Donald Trump, Jr. Triggered
Rexford Tugwell The Presidency Reappraised
Various authors Can You Hear Us
Rick Warren The Purpose Driven Life
Meg Whitman The Power of Many
Ben Wiker 10 Books Every Conservitive Must Read
Ben Wiker The Darwin Myth
Gary Wills Reagan's America: Innocents At Home
Bob Woodward Plan of Attack
Bob Woodward Shadow
Children's Book
Lee Greenwood Proud to be an American
Little Golden Book Captain America
Larry Arnn Leading the National Conversation on the Constitution
Larry Arnn Rebirth of Liberty and Learning
Kirk Camerson Monumental-In Search of American National Treasure
John McCain Faith of my Fathers
Charlton Heston Remebering Ronald Reagan