Republican Core Principles

  1. Constitution: As Republicans, we are committed to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. We take its guarantees as the foundation of our principles and we believe that the original intent of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights must be the basis for all decisions by all branches of government. (American form of government over globalism.)
  2. Freedoms: We hold that the protection, enhancement, and preservation of our individual liberties, balanced by the rights and responsibilities enshrined in the Constitution, are the paramount purposes of our party. (Liberty over government control.)
  3. Defense: We believe defense of our republic against all enemies is the paramount purpose of government. We are committed to the protection of our common peace, our families and homes, and our rights to property, beneficial economic activities, and individual self-determination. (Right to gun ownership and a strong national defense.)
  4. Accountability: We believe that individual liberties bring with them individual responsibilities and duties. We agree to be held accountable for our individual conduct, for laws and policies that we advocate, and for their results. We will hold others accountable for their conduct and actions as well. (Self-government over manipulation.)
  5. Prosperity: We hold our individual and national prosperity as a moral imperative, and we believe that our government's policy and programs must enhance all opportunities for individual prosperity that comply with the laws of our nation. (Private property over socialism.) (More jobs.)
  6. Prudence: We advocate fiscal responsibility that limits government, lowers taxes and equitably distributes services. Government should adhere to its Constitutional purposes. (Individuality over collectivism.)
  7. Sovereignty: We believe a principal function of our government is to defend our sovereignty (both governmental and economic). Government must protect our borders against all activities that violate the laws of our nation. (Protect our borders.)
  8. Patriotism: We are proud to be Americans, we publicly advocate "Love of Country," and we are deeply committed to the protection of our national identity, our national language and our American values in the decisions and actions of our party, our elected representatives, and our government. (Preserve American values.
  9. Unity: We seek unity among Republicans and pursue policies that unify our party. (Unity over strife.)
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